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Grow You University Hub Registration is Now Open

"Become the Total You!"

  • Grow You University

    Cultivating generations to thrive daily.
    Gültig für 1 Monat
    • Ages 8-18 ONLY
    • Meet once a week via In person (local mentees) or Zoom
    • Cultivate purpose
    • Entrepreneurship development
    • Community Outreach Events
    • Once a Month Social Gathering
    • **GYU Hubs will be disclosed to registered persons only**
    • Includes training guide/books and materials
    • Individual or group option- use memo section to specify
    • Must Manually Renew
  • Bestes Angebot

    Wholeness Membership

    Become the Total You!
    Gültig für 1 Monat
    • **Includes**
    • One 30-minute Zoom Coaching Session
    • Accountability Check-ups
    • Must Manually Renew
  • Rebirth Your Purpose

    Perfect for beginners to discover healing & self-love
    Gültig für 1 Monat
    • Weekly 30-minute listening & coaching sessions
    • Accountability Check up
    • Plan & Set Personal & Spiritual goals
    • Progress Report
  • Renewed Destiny

    "It's time to put the pieces back together, Purposed One!"
    Gültig für 2 Monate
    • 30-minute bi-weekly Coaching session
    • Customize plan and preparation strategy
    • 15-minute Bi-weekly Account and follow session
    • One complimentary product from store
  • Total Transformation

    Be Whole Again
    Gültig für 3 Monate
    • Incudes Renewed Destiny benefits PLUS
    • 20% discount off any product
    • Free Autograph book of your choice (Amazon)
    • Personal Follow-up Call from Mentor/Coach
  • Good Grief Group Therapy

    The space is created to teach, equip & empower individuals how to overcome the principality of grief
    Gültig für 5 Wochen
    • (5) -Once a week sessions
    • Offers Hybrid sessions
    • Missed sessions will be applied to next cycle
    • ($25)- Empowerment T-Shirt at the end of sessions
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